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Westhead Associates is a provider of custom industrial mezzanines and equipment platforms with turnkey solutions for facilities that have the ability to expand their operations within an existing footprint. Westhead Associates has extensive experience serving customers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Beyond. Large spaces can be equipped with a host of options, from industrial canopies, industrial pavilions, enclosed office spaces and more, accessed by standard industrial metal stairs or industrial ladders. All mezzanine systems are designed with full safety and code compliance, and features like access gates and industrial guardrails ensure maximum functionality along with the safest standards for effective and efficient material handling.

Custom industrial mezzanines are assembled with a set of standard components to allow a swift construction process and remove the need for additional engineering or architectural services. Modular wall systems can be used to enclose parts of the mezzanine for secure, environmentally controlled spaces, and free-standing industrial pavilions establish useful control points for many applications. Industrial canopies offer another type of semi- enclosed space set within an existing facility, and, when used in association with industrial guardrails and other components, can make a useful covering in a larger volume.

The use of standard components makes estimating costs for mezzanine financing easier, and custom design for industrial mezzanines can accommodate any functional needs. Industrial metal stairs allow multi-story access, and industrial ladders can be incorporated into shelf and rack systems for additional access. Equipment platforms are designed to handle the additional structural load of heavy duty machinery.

Now you don't have to resort to costly design services to add valuable square footage to your existing operations. When you work with Westhead, you can quickly gather all of the required components into one highly efficient unit designed for optimum performance in your facility and tailored to your particular needs. Review the wide range of available options and talk to Westhead associates about your options. We will ensure timely, code- compliant assembly with all of the features you need to make the most out of your new industrial mezzanine.

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