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A new mezzanine system can offer tremendous advantages for facilities with a large high space of unused volume. Custom mezzanines allow you to expand your operations within an existing footprint by adding one or more mezzanine floors and equipment platforms inside an existing space. By using standard components, a custom mezzanine designed by Westhead Associates can go up quickly and cost effectively, without the need for additional architectural and engineering services. Westhead is highly experienced in the design and installation of these industrial mezzanine systems in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and beyond, and is prepared to customize the system based on your specific needs.

All components are made of steel with a baked double coat of urethane paint, and all- stainless or all-aluminum models are also available. Floor decks are galvanized steel, and all mezzanines are equipped with safety barriers, guardrails, railing systems and/or fall protection equipment. All mezzanine systems are IBC code compliant. There are many different ways to set up the structure for a mezzanine and the options are based on how it will function and how often the function might change. The rack-supported mezzanine is a cost-effective way to add a custom mezzanine where racking systems are already present.

Rack-supported mezzanines are simply one of many structural options for a new custom mezzanine system. Rack-supported mezzanines use the existing structure of the movable shelving. While this system is similar to the shelving supported mezzanines, a rack supported mezzanine offers greater flexibility in the distribution, density, and overall arrangement of your storage setup..

There is also a wide range of accessories for versatile rack-supported mezzanines. In addition to the custom designed stairs, there are mezzanine lifts, single- or double-swing access gates, in-plant modular office buildings made with structurally insulated panels, cage enclosures for secured storage, safety barriers, and many more. For a cost-effective solution with many ways to customize, rack supported mezzanines are a popular choice for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing operations.

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