Insulated Metal Wall Panels, Systems Design and Installation

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Insulated Metal Wall Panels and Systems design and installation

Westhead Associates equips businesses with advanced building systems throughout the Tri-State area and beyond. By using pre-engineered components and building assemblies, Westhead Associates is able to develop ISO-certified modular in-plant buildings, modular offices, cleanrooms, cold rooms, freezer rooms, and temperature and humidity rooms at a fraction of the time and expense of conventional architectural and engineering design services. Insulated metal wall panels and systems design and installation is greatly expedited through standardization, and modular construction can help facilities meet new goals for production with a minimum of effort and investment.

High Walls

High walls are often necessary to enclose spaces in large industrial facilities, and Westhead Associates has extensive experience in developing new spaces in these types of large volumes. High walls can be employed to accommodate almost any floor-to-floor height.

Modular In-Plant Buildings

Westhead Associates has developed a set of standard office spaces, modular break rooms, and modular conference and meeting rooms for specific applications, including modular control rooms and modular clean rooms for modular office space that combines everything a thriving operation may need. The list of standardized spaces available is extensive, and Westhead Associates can incorporate any of these functions into your new facility.

  • Break Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Machine Enclosures
  • Paint Finishing Enclosures
  • Parts Storage & Control
  • Server Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Shipping Area Offices
  • Inspection Rooms
  • CMM Rooms


ISO modular cleanrooms for manufacturers of all classification standards have become an important part of our business, as more and more industries see the benefits of modular systems for standardized industrial processes. Using standard components and modular systems not only expedites production with off-the- shelf functionality, it also facilitates compliance with ISO standards. Pre-engineered spaces allow our designers to quickly assemble a cleanroom environment with numerous custom support features for turnkey installation of a standalone facility to meet any ISO cleanroom standard.

Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Temperature and Humidity Rooms

Cold room systems include cool rooms with cold room panels for optimum thermal protection. Westhead Associates can also supply humidity controlled chambers and humidity test chambers that employ the precise air handling technology required for specific manufacturing or storage processes. Using a standardized set of HVAC components in association with pre-engineered modular temperature and humidity controlled chambers permits a streamlined approach to modern facility development. Now it's possible for cold room manufacturers to deploy these modular systems more quickly and with greater assurance that the system will work according to the required specifications.

Discuss your system requirements with Westhead Associates and achieve maximum project efficiency with insulated metal wall panels and systems design and installation.

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