ISO Modular Cleanrooms Construction and Installation

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ISO Modular Cleanrooms

ISO Modular Cleanroom Construction and Installation

ISO modular cleanrooms construction and installation is held to strict standards to ensure compliance and to maintain best practices for many types of manufacturing and processing. While bespoke construction is still a common practice, many companies are turning to WESTHEAD ASSOCIATES for a streamlined and more efficient solution. By providing custom engineering of modular cleanrooms and incorporating it into a modular format using off-the-shelf building components, WESTHEAD ASSOCIATES can implement modular cleanroom facilities development projects in a fraction of the time needed for conventional engineering and architectural design services. The development of custom steel fabrications with modular construction systems guarantees ISO compliance and facilitates the production of clean room facilities with stringent requirements for air handling and clean room protocols.

The custom engineering of modular cleanrooms can use existing structures and add to existing operations, or the development of custom steel fabrications with modular construction systems can readily deploy a completely new and independent operation. Modular cleanroom facilities development can include either load-bearing systems for a free standing facility, or in-plant lightweight systems designed for flexibility and expansion. Clients can select from a variety of window styles, anti-static wall panels, double-wall systems, gasketing options, and specialized doors and pass-throughs, using code and ISO-approved building components. This makes it possible to create an independent cleanroom process quickly and efficiently, without having to reinvent the overall manufacturing operation design to meet ISO cleanroom guidelines.

ISO modular cleanrooms construction and installation is just one of our specialty services at WESTHEAD ASSOCIATES. With extensive experience in all types of modular construction, WESTHEAD ASSOCIATES can also quickly develop and construct modular in-plant office buildings and custom mezzanines, as well as all types of environmentally controlled facilities such as cold storage, thermal vacuum chambers, and growing facilities. For a cleanroom environment that meets the requirements of any industry, contact us to learn more: 1-856-727-0210.

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